A.S.I. 6 - 6th International Meeting Statistical Implicative Analysis
Caen, France, November 7th-10th 2012

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  • Fundamental Concepts of ASI: statistical modelling, types of variables, and additional key variables

  • New Advances in progress, stability indices, extension to new types of variables, rules of exception, duality (space of subject- space of rules), metrical structure and topology of space led by their contribution to the subjects or their typicality, vector analysis, etc.)

  • Comparison of critical processes, models, representations and the results of the ASI with other methods of data analysis (Galois lattices, Bayesian networks, trees induction, factorial analysis, etc.)

  • Practice with the software CHIC, current and expected developments

  • Applications processed by ASI and comparison with other methods, in the areas of education, science education, psychology, sociology, economics, art history, biology, medicine, archaeology, etc.

  • graphical presentation of results and numerical applications, aid the interpretation of these results, respective roles and critics of the types of variables, the main variables and supplementary choices

  • Specificity of training with the ASI: use of software CHIC, interpretation of graphical representations (implicative graph, tree hierarchy cohesive)

  • Issues of teaching in ASI
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